Debt Consolidation Bloemfontein

If you live in Bloemfontein and would like to obtain lower interest rates on your debt or improve your cash flow, then our services of Debt Consolidation Bloemfontein could offer the solution you need. Debt consolidation allows you to transfer many debts into one account, and apart from possibly helping you to attain lower interest rates, it could also help to obtain a fixed interest rate on outstanding loans. Consolidating your loans could also help to make you more credit worthy for future loans.

With debt consolidation, you have the option of securing debt using an asset such as property. In doing so, the party lending you money experiences less of a risk, and the interest rate is therefore reduced. As unsecured debt consolidation loans could end up having high interest rates, it is better to opt for this with smaller outstanding amounts that do not require long term repayments.

At DebtBusters, we can recommend which option would be most suited to you and we will also take care of administrative duties on your behalf. Our helpful consultants will assist you during every part of the process to ensure that you are kept up to date with progress and that you understand each step clearly. The process involves the filling out of an application form and sending this to banks for approval along with supporting documents (such as bank statements and a copy of your ID). DebtBusters will also perform a credit check and along with all the necessary calculations, including the ratio between monthly repayment and monthly income.

If you are approved for debt consolidation, you will be notified and contacted so that registration can take place. Generally, you will need to be credit worthy and have no repayments that are outstanding. If you do not get approval, we will provide the reasons for this and help you to find alternative solutions to the management of your debt, such as using our services of a debt review in Bloemfontein.

Our approach is a personalised one so that you can be certain that the solution for the management of your debt is as unique as your financial situation. Contact us today to find out more about our approach to debt counselling and debt consolidation in Bloemfontein and start gaining control over your cash flow.

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