Debt Consolidation in Midrand

To all our valued clients DebtBusters is committed to providing debt consolidation in Midrand that will help you pay off your credit at a lower interest rate. This service is provided by our sister company BondBusters and, with it, you will see all your debts being combined to form one single monthly payment. What this means is that, instead of making several, inconveniencing payments each month, you will only have to make one.

With our reach spanning across the country, we are able to provide services across South Africa, including Midrand (debt review and counselling included). Through consultation and studying your personal finances, we will be able to establish which debt consolidation service (secured or unsecured) is best for you. In the case that a secured debt consolidation service is possible, we will recommend using your home as collateral as this carries less risk for the lender, thereby reducing the interest rates.

As professionals committed to relieving you of your debts, we can also provide, in Midrand, debt counselling in instances where we have recognised it to be necessary.

If you have been seeking debt consolidation, these are the benefits you can look forward to:

  • Reduced interest rates and an increased duration of credit payment, reducing monthly costs and relieving cash flow
  • You conveniently make one payment instead of multiple ones
  • Stimulates a better credit rating, providing headway to lower interest rates on future financial endeavours
  • Better financial management
  • Legal and deeds office registration proceedings are handled on your behalf
  • An expert and registered financial consultant is employed to facilitate an affordable and effective consolidation of your credit with creditors
  • Lessens the risk of you skipping on payments, as there is only one payment to be made


With our services also available in Midrand, debt consolidation is just a phone call away. Contact us today on (+27) 086 999 0606 or to find out more.

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