Debt Consolidation in Randburg

As South Africa’s largest debt management company, DebtBusters is proud to provide debt consolidation in Randburg. Offered through our sister company, BondBusters, our debt consolidation service will allow you to pool your debts together into a convenient single monthly payment, removing the problem of having to pay back a number of creditors.

Ordinarily, debt consolidation entails taking out a home loan in order to secure a lower interest rate. However, our debt consolidators at BondBusters also offer you an unsecured debt consolidation service as another solution. As a result, they will provide you with offers from a range of credit providers, allowing you to pick the debt consolidation deal that suits you best.

Benefits of the debt consolidation service offered through BondBusters:

  • Diminishes monthly costs of current debt funding, as it reduces interest rates down to zero if necessary and extends debt repayment terms
  • Saves interest and therefore relieves your monthly cash flow
  • Gives you a better credit rating, making you eligible for lower interest rates in the future
  • Makes it easier for you to manage your money
  • Our BondBusters consultants will take care of any legal and deeds office registration proceedings associated with debt consolidation services on home loans
  • Takes away the hassle of having to remember to pay back multiple credit providers, reducing the risk of missing payments or making late payments

For more serious debt problems, we offer debt counseling in Randburg. Using a debt review, our counsellors will first assess your outstanding debts, then negotiate with credit providers on your behalf to ensure that you get a debt repayment plan that will allow you to take control of your financial situation and settle your debt.

Unlike other debt management companies, DebtBusters has mandates with 95% of credit providers in South Africa to extend terms as well as lower interest rates to zero when required. And with 90% of our debt review proposals being accepted by credit providers, we make it our mission to get you debt free in only 60 months.

For debt counselling and debt consolidation in Randburg, contact DebtBusters today on 0869990606 and let us help you.

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