Debt Consolidation Pretoria

As a highly successful and knowledgeable company, DebtBusters will be able to provide you with expert assistance for debt consolidation in Pretoria. Debt consolidation refers to grouping many different debts into one account that requires only a single monthly payment. In doing so, you may be able to pay lower interest rates and could save money in the long run. Consolidating your debts could also make you more credit worthy for future loans and lead to obtaining lower interest rates in future.

We will look at your finances and ensure that the debt consolidation plan is formulated according to your budget, so that you will be able to manage the payment that has to be made on a monthly basis. Your debt consultant will request some documentation from you and make contact with applicable institutions on your behalf, along with a motivation for the consolidation of your debts. The fees involved with debt consolidation are minor in comparison to the amount you will save over the course of paying off your debts using this method.

That said, there are cases where debt consolidation would prove to be unsuitable, but DebtBusters will be able to guide you according to the possibilities that are suited to you. We can inform you on choosing between secured and unsecured debt consolidation, for instance. Secure debt consolidation involves securing your debts using an asset, and reduces the amount of interest you have to pay by decreasing the risk experienced by the institution or party lending you money. Alternatively, unsecured debt consolidation is generally better suited to smaller amounts that do not have a lengthy pay-off period.

DebtBusters will also compile all the necessary information from relevant credit providers on your behalf, so that you will be able to see a comprehensive list that will clarify which option is most suited to you. Making use of our services (which include a debt review or debt counselling in Pretoria) will benefit you in many ways. By having a good working relationship with credit providers and expert knowledge in the field, we are able to perform tasks on your behalf and reduce the amount of administration you have to worry about significantly.

Apart from saving you tedious and time consuming administration duties, the fact is that we can help you to save money. Contact DebtBusters to find out more about debt consolidation in Pretoria, and allow us to help you make sound financial decisions that will have a favourable impact.

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