DebtBusters Debt Counselling Process

6 January 2013

The formal debt solution, debt counselling, was introduced by the National Credit Act in 2007 to assist thousands of South African consumers struggling with debt.

Through this primary debt solution, debt counselling, DebtBusters aims to give these South African consumers a second chance to build a brighter financial future and obtain the financial well-being they deserve.

To gain a better understanding of DebtBusters debt counselling process, watch the following animation, which explains how DebtBusters helped John get debt free fast!

For more information, contact DebtBusters on 086 999 06 06.

Meet john.

Hi my name is John.

John, like many south africans is overwhelmed by debt.

He can’t see his way out of the black hole.

John fears he might lose his home, his car, even his possesions.

He can’t make ends meet and he thinks his only solution is to borrow more and more money to meet his expenses.

John is one of 9.25 million South Africans who have impaired credit records and think they have nowhere to turn.

Its time John called DebtBusters, South Africa’s largest debt management company, dedicated to helping South African’s gain financial stability and solve their debt problems

John doesn’t have to face this problem alone.

DebtBusters has helped over 15,000 South Africans avoid legal action, keep their home and car, save thousands in interest and fees — and most importantly — get debt free fast.

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