Electricity to skyrocket as at 1st April

28 November 2012

1st April 2010 marks an unhappy day for most South African consumers as Eskom increase tariffs by 24.8%.

Luke Hirst MD of DebtBusters says, “This is going to be tough for all consumers, especially those already struggling with debt problems. It is at times like these that consumers need to review their budgets. An electricity hike is something we cannot control, and we cannot live without electricity either – but the good news is that there are ways to drastically reduce your electricity usage and therefore your bills. Being a bit more vigilant and making a few changes around the house can end up saving you a fortune on electricity.”

DebtBusters offers you 10 valuable tips to keep your electricity bill under control:

1. Always switch off lights, air conditioners and other appliances when these are not being used.
2. Decrease the temperature on your heater from full to medium heat that you are comfortable with.
3. Take an interest in your electricity bill. Check your bills on a regular basis so that you know what you are spending and can budget accordingly.
4. Use the microwave to cook dinner; it is much quicker and therefore cheaper.
5. Every time the oven door is opened when cooking, the oven temperature drops, and the heat must be replaced. Try not opening it unnecessarily.
6. Only use washing machines when you have a full load to wash.
7. Instead of using your tumble dryer all the time, use the washing line outside if the weather permits. Tumble dryers consume a lot of electricity.
8. Always switch your computer off at the power button. If you leave it on standby or “sleep mode” it uses up to 50% of the power it would use if it was actually on.
9. Shower instead of bathing. When you shower, you use less water. This means that your geyser will need less electricity to heat the water, which can save!
10. Only boil the amount of water you require, rather than a full kettle.

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