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27 November 2012

I have not paid any of my accounts and now they have been handed over to lawyers and I don’t know what to do? Please can you advise me on how to sort out my problem?

Normally consumers in this situation have a number of accounts from a minimum of 5 up to 25 plus and have hit the problem of being unable to pay each account. After a certain point it becomes unmanageable in knowing which account to pay and what you owe to each credit provider and then it becomes a vicious circle. I would suggest contacting DebtBusters, who will be able to get the specifics of your situation and find the best debt solution to suit your needs. In many cases this is debt review, for which we have an excellent record of getting agreements from retailers and credit providers in reducing interest rates for our clients, thereby helping our clients get out of debt in a set timeframe.

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