What exactly is a debt counsellor?

Please tell us what exactly is a debt counselor? It’s not like people talk about seeing a debt counselor every day.
A debt counselor will be registered with the National Credit Regulator (NCR) and will have done the necessary qualifications and exams. Before choosing a debt counselor you need to ensure they are registered and make sure they are still in existence.
The debt counsellors main role is to help debt stressed consumers get their finances back on track, by rearranging their debts with the creditors and getting new agreed arrangements in place. A debt counselor will help to develop a liveable budget for the consumer and their family.
Debt is still a taboo subject but it is getting better, due to the fact over 12 million South African consumers have missed a monthly debt payment as at quarter 2 2012, so it is a stress that the majority of families have to deal with.

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