Welcome to Debtbusters

To date, there are over 10 million South Africans who have fallen into arrears on their debt repayments. Debt is quickly becoming a widespread problem, affecting people with diverse incomes and backgrounds.

DebtBusters, South Africa’s most TRUSTED debt management company, is devoted to helping South Africans gain financial stability and solve their debt problems. DebtBusters offer a large range of debt solutions to meet your needs and help you make positive financial decisions. We help 96% of our clients find a workable solution to their debt problems, thus making us the best in the industry! We will be with you every step of the way until you are debt free.

  • Debt Counselling

    Helps consumers struggling with debt by reviewing your budget and rearranging the payments, saving you money.

  • Debt Management

    We organise an agreed repayment with your credit providers, and give you tips on how to review your budget.

  • Debt Remedy

    Develop a plan to improve your credit record, as well as the removal of bad judgements and credit records.

To see if Debt Counselling is right for you, contact a DebtBusters consultant using the Free Call Back service opposite, or call us on 0869 99 06 06. Take control of your life by using out reliable and helpful debt counselling services today.