DebtBusters Terms

Here are a couple of important points to make sure we’re on the same page.

This agreement was last updated 09 September 2020.

This contract applies to you when you use the DebtBusters website, our services, and when you interact with us.

Who you are contracting with

We are DebtBusters, a division of Debt Matters (Pty) Ltd t/a DebtBusters. We own and run the DebtBusters website

DebtBusters is a subsidiary of Intelligent Debt Management (Pty) Ltd and the holding company is IDM Holdings (Pty) Ltd.

Our service

We provide debt solutions

We offer a range of debt management solutions including but not limited to  debt counselling, debt consolidation, debt settlement and insurance. We provide tools and advice to help you understand and manage your financial life.

You must complete an application form and sign a separate contract for our debt management services.

We also give you free access to your credit report and credit score

To use  this service, you must register through our website

If you have not registered to use our services, but if a credit report is drawn with your permission, we also create a profile for you where you can access your credit report as required, and we may send you communication to visit your profile. Your profile will give you access to your credit report and your credit score. By creating a profile for you, you give us permission to obtain these monthly reports for you from a registered credit bureau and we may let you know by email when a new report is available.

We may introduce you to other useful services

If your credit profile shows that you are over-indebted, or struggling with debt, we may give you access to services to help you manage your debt. And if we find credit products provided by other companies that we think may be suitable for your credit profile, we will let you know.

Our service is for South African residents over 18

You must be a South African resident and at least 18 years old to use our services.

You may access and use our service only for your own personal use, and not for commercial purposes.

How we treat your personal information

We will keep your personal information confidential. Read our Privacy Notice to see how we collect and use personal information.

Your responsibilities

Use our service and our website responsibly

You must not submit any content or engage in any activity that:

  • is illegal;
  • is fraudulent;
  • is an attempt to impersonate another person or entity;
  • violates a third-party right, including the right to privacy or any intellectual property rights; or
  • causes us or our affiliates or service providers harm.

Give us accurate information, and keep it up to date

Our service is based on the information that you provide. It is your responsibility to keep it up to date and to let us know immediately if any of your information changes.

Protect yourself online

It is your responsibility to check the terms and conditions of any website, service or resource linked from our website when you visit it. We cannot take responsibility for the quality of the products or services made available through linked websites and resources.

Our responsibilities

We give you useful, but general information

The information on our website, while it is useful, is general. We do not give you financial advice.

We provide links to related services, but we are not responsible for them

We may provide links to other websites, resources or products or services offered by other companies. That does not mean that we recommend their content, products or services. We are not responsible for these websites or resources, and they are governed by their own terms.

We have processes in place to ensure that our information is accurate, available, and virus-free

We have processes in place to make sure that the information on our website is accurate, up to date, always available and virus-free. Still, we cannot guarantee that this will always be the case. You cannot hold us responsible for any loss you suffer as a result of errors, inaccuracies, unavailable information, or viruses, unless we caused it by our deliberate and reckless behaviour.

We have reasonable security in place

We have implemented reasonable security safeguards to protect your information. But no system is 100% secure. So, while we will do everything reasonably necessary to protect the information, we cannot guarantee that our system will not be hacked or accessed without permission. We cannot guarantee that information will not be lost, or that a data breach will not take place. You can only hold us liable if a security incident was caused by our deliberate and reckless behaviour.

We own the content of this site

We own the content and the trademarks

We, or our content suppliers, own the copyright in all material on this site, and the way it’s been put together, whether it’s text, graphics, databases or software (‘Content’).

We own all the trademarks on this site.

You may use the Content with permission

You may download or print the Content for your personal use and information only, provided that you acknowledge us appropriately.

If you wish to use the Content for any other reason you must have our permission.

You must use our Content responsibly

If you use our Content, you may not alter it or use it in a way that will damage our reputation. You must not remove any acknowledgement that we or any of our contributors are the authors of any Content.

If you don’t use our Content responsibly and respect our intellectual property, we will enforce our intellectual property rights.

How you can reach us

You can contact us at:

Email:               [email protected]

Telephone:       0869990606

Unsure about anything?

Please reach out to a DebtBusters consultant using the details below.