South Africa is the most over-indebted country in the world, according to the World Bank Report (2015). Our government is trying to do something about it, for example implementing formal affordability assessments that credit providers have to conduct before issuing new credit; cutting down on misleading advertisements and capping the interest and charges placed on new credit.

But it is not enough – as a nation we are drowning in debt. And it doesn’t look like the situation will improve any time soon.

DebtBusters’ new TV ad portrays the burden of debt and the anxiety it invokes in regular people. The ad follows a man living with the constant stress felt by the indebted, while maintaining the semblance of normality. It talks about the hidden debt that people have. Debt is a fact of life that many of us keep concealed and sometimes it gets out of control. It creeps up on you and before you know it you are in financial difficulty.

DebtBusters is reaching out to South Africans and we are offering to guide you through the process of managing your debt, helping you to get by from one month to the next. We are South Africa’s largest and most trusted debt management company and have already helped over 50 000 people manage their debt. We can help you too.


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