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If cutting costs is not an effective method of meeting financial obligations on its own, find other ways to increase your household income. Increase your income by: 1. Earning more at your current job Your current employer may be an immediate source of additional income. If you are paid on an hourly rate, speak to your boss about working extra hours or picking up additional shifts. Asking for a raise is another option of increasing your income, assuming you can justify your request. For example, a raise may be in order if you haven't received one in a long time, if you have gained responsibility with no compensation, or if you have recently completed an important project. Ask to be considered for a higher paying job in the same department. 2. Looking for a new job Getting a better paying job with a new employer is another obvious way to boost your income. Here are a few tips for starting a job search. Getting and coping with a second job: NB: If you signed an employment contract with your current employer, they might prohibit you from taking on a second job in a specific field or taking on a second job at all. Throwing another job into your already hectic life can be quite concerning, here are a few ways to help you cope:

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  • Ask family memebers to assume more of the household responsibilities.
  • Accept the fact that for now certain things around the house may fall through the cracks, but it will pay off in the long run when you are totally debt free
  • Make food that you can freeze and feed your family for a few days.
  • Try finding a second job that you enjoy doing
  • Avoid taking a highly stressed second job that is demanding and pressurised - you already have a main demanding job, you don't need another one.
  • Look for a second job that is either close to your home or main job so that you don't spend alot of time commuting.

Freelance Boost your income by doing part time freelance work. Freelancing means you are self employed and you offer your services to other businesses.

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