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DebtBusters believes in giving South Africans a second chance to build a brighter financial future.

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Debt doesn’t discriminate. DebtBusters is here to help.

More than 12 million South Africans are estimated to have bad debt.

Debt doesn’t discriminate. It slowly creeps up on some of us. Others are pushed over the edge by an unexpected family death, divorce, or medical expense. No matter how you got into this situation, DebtBusters can help.

DebtBusters believes in giving South Africans a second chance to build a brighter financial future. We do this by helping clients take back control of their finances through our debt management solutions, such as debt counselling and debt consolidation. The most rewarding part of doing this is hearing our clients’ stories: how they transform their lives through debt counselling.

Our five core values push us to reach out to all, lift the burden of debt, and protect people’s futures:


Service Excellence



Growing People

Our story

DebtBusters is part of Intelligent Debt Management (IDM Group), founded in April 2004.

The IDM Group has established itself as South Africa’s leading and largest debt management company. IDM offers solutions to South African consumers who are financially stressed and struggling with debt. These consumers often feel trapped in their situations, hopeless about their futures, and with nowhere to go. We believe they deserve a second chance: to see life after a debt, and build a financially-healthier future for themselves and their families.

We help consumers by offering trusted advice, the most suitable and affordable financial solutions for their situations, and simple, easy-to-understand products. Ultimately, we want to save people money and manage their debt in a way that is appropriate to their unique situation and stage of life.

The positive stories we hear from clients about how our assistance has changed their life, is at the core of what drives us.

DebtBusters and IDM operate from a central office in Cape Town, South Africa. From here, our 400+ employees serve clients across South Africa.

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