Debt Counselling

Debt counselling, also known as debt remedy, is the best way to protect your assets, unlock cash, and prepare you for a financially healthy life after debt.

Debt counselling is a formal debt solution introduced by South Africa’s National Credit Act of 2007.

DebtBusters aim to get you debt-free in 60 months.

DebtBusters counsellors are qualified experts who know that bad things happen to good people.

They understand that being indebted can be stressful and frightening. DebtBusters counsellors guide you through debt review (to understand your situation), debt management (to draw up a solid financial plan), and debt remedy (to negotiate a structured debt repayment plan with your credit provider).

DebtBusters negotiates with your creditors to extend your terms and reduce your interest rates.

We have mandates to do this with 95% of South African credit providers, and they almost always (90% of the time, to be precise) accept DebtBusters’ debt review proposals. That has allowed us to negotiate our clients’ credit interest rates from 21% down to 3%, on average. In this way, we help you unlock cash and take the pressure off your monthly budget.

Debt counselling is a highly effective way to become debt free.

Expert help

Your debt counsellor will thoroughly review your finances with you.

Unlock cash

Through our negotiations, we reduce your monthly debt payments, unlocking more cash for living expenses.

Better budgeting

Your debt counsellor will help you draw up a realistic monthly budget.

Creditors handled

We negotiate with your credit providers to reduce your interest rates.

Legal protection

Debt counselling decreases summonses and judgements against you.

Avoid bankruptcy

With debt counselling, you are protected from bankruptcy.

Light at the end of the tunnel

Your debt counsellor will map out the path for reducing bad debt and ultimately becoming debt free.

Is debt counselling for me?

Does this sound like you?

  • After you pay your interest every month, there isn’t enough left for living expenses.
  • Life happened. Your spouse died, you got divorced, or there was an unexpected medical expense. You've been tipped into the red.
  • You have slowly been accumulating more and more debt to maintain your living standard or provide for your family.
  • You have a number of different loans/credit cards, and you’ve started missing monthly payments.
  • You are concerned that you may lose your car or house.

If this sound like you, debt counselling (debt remedy) may be for you. You must have a regular and consistent income, and your debt must meet certain criteria. A consultant will review this with you and determine if you are eligible in your first call.

How debt counselling works

We help you create a financially healthy life, and remedy your debt, step by step.

1. You start debt counselling

After a consultant reviews your debt and budget with you, we inform your creditors that you are undergoing debt review. We negotiate with your creditors to reduce your interest rates and monthly payments.

2. You make one single monthly payment

This reduces the stress of having to pay all your creditors separately. An independent payment distribution agency will make sure all your creditors receive their payments every month.

3. Your credit record is clear

At the end of the process, we issue a clearance certificate. That means your credit record is cleared, and you will have access to credit again. Your debt has been remedied!

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