Save with Debt Management and Smartcents

As our client, we are happy to see that you have taken a pro-active step towards resolving your debt situation with DebtBusters.
Prior to debt counselling, saving money for your future may not have even occurred to you because of your high monthly debt repayments. Now that you have taken control of your debt, why not plan for your financial future and protect yourself in the case of an emergency?
You can use any spare cash that you have to invest in your future on a monthly basis. You can choose from a variety of investment products that will allow you to access money for emergencies, your children’s education or your retirement.

Smartcents, only by DebtBusters!

DebtBusters’ is the only debt management company that offers an online customer portal to assist you with setting financial goals for yourself. By logging into Smartcents, and clicking on the Financial Planning tab, you will be able to apply for different short-term, medium-term and long-term investment products that will help you to achieve a brighter financial future;

What are short-term investments?

Accidents happen! Sometimes, the cost attached to these accidents can be too much for you to afford. What’s worse is that you may not have enough cash to pay towards any expenses. Short-term investments are there to help you when you require immediate cash. They are commonly called “Emergency Fund’ investments and act like a savings account which you can use towards emergency expenses.

What are medium-term investments?

Medium-term investments are investments that require you to save for at least 3 to 5 years. With each year, you should be able to increase the amount you save so that at the end you can afford to fund expenses such as your children’s university education.

What are long-term investments?

Long-term investments are savings towards your retirement. There are a few different investment products that you can consider, such as Pension Funds, Provident Funds, Retirement Annuities and Unit Trusts.
Make saving for your future your number one priority for July. Your future self will thank you for it!
Remember to keep logging into Smartcents to keep track of your debt counselling progress!

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