Who We Are

To date, there are over 10 million South Africans who have fallen into arrears on their debt repayments. Debt is quickly becoming a widespread problem, affecting people with diverse incomes and backgrounds.

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DebtBusters is here to help!

  • We have helped over 60 000 individuals get back on track with their finances
  • We have saved our clients over R450 million in interest and fees
  • We have reduced interest rates on our clients’ accounts from an average of 21% to 7%
  • We have saved our clients R1.3 million on cases where money has been lent recklessly
  • We have saved 524 homes and vehicles from being repossessed in the last 18 months 

DebtBusters believes in giving South African consumers a second chance to build a brighter financial future. The stories we hear from our clients, about how they have been able to transform their lives through debt counselling, is at the core of what drives us.

  • We are South Africa’s most TRUSTED Debt Counsellor and have been since 2007.
  • We are driven by our seven values and pride ourselves in building lasting relationships with our clients.
  • Our teams have bright, dedicated and service oriented people who are passionate about helping our clients.
  • Our staff continually improve what we do so that we can deliver innovative and unique financial services.

Smartcents People-12DebtBusters is part of Intelligent Debt Management (IDM Group) which was founded in April 2004. The IDM Group has established itself as South Africa’s leading and largest debt management company.  IDM offers comprehensive advice and a host of highly effective solutions to South African consumers who are facing tight budgets and are struggling with debt.

IDM operates from a centralized office in Cape Town, South Africa, from which more than 350 employees service clients nationally.


Debt CounsellingDebt ManagementDebt ConsolidationInsolvency
Protects me from all my unsecured creditorsXXX
Avoids having to sell my house to release any equityXXX
Stops interest building upX
Creditors are obliged to helpXX
The arrangement runs for a fixed periodXXX
Creditors should stop chasing meXXXX
It avoids the stigma of personal bankruptcyXXX
The people that arrange it have to be qualified and licensedXX
Will it be on my credit record?XX
If so for how long?Until debt is repaid3 - 10 years
How much does this service cost for an individual?R3,000 + 5% monthlyR1,5001% of the loanR20,000

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