Can we live without debt?

2 December 2012

Is it possible to live the dream of a life without debt?

According to a recent survey 65% of young people believe there is no alternative but to get into debt. Going back to our parent’s generation the only short term debt that was incurred was an account with a local grocer which was settled each month!

Easy access to credit cards and loans has made us forget how to live without debt. This allows us to live beyond our means and pay for it tomorrow. The reality is tomorrow has already arrived and households are struggling to pay off their debt.
The tough economic downturn is here for a good few more years and it will be tougher to maintain our spending. Preparation needs to be taken for a more moderate lifestyle. Think about how often you eat out, the model of car we drive and extra activities our children participate in.

Lifestyles today are a lot more expensive than they used to be and savings need to be factored in.

So the answer is yes, it is possible to life without credit and store cards, overdrafts and loans. If you do not want your children to suffer financially in years to come it is a good step to show them there is a life without debt. The dream is real it just takes good choices to get there!

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