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People move in and out of the country for different reasons. In many cases these people carry more than their luggage with them, they carry their debt, and some of them are under debt counselling. This is usually a cause for concern for these individuals as they don’t know how their migration will affect their...
Many South Africans are struggling to meet their monthly debt obligations because of various factors, including the ever-increasing standard of living. Sadly, some don’t even know that help is within their reach. In 2007, the government introduced a programme called debt counselling to assist such consumers. What is debt counselling? Debt counselling is a debt...
So, you’ve reached the end of the debt counselling journey – a fantastic achievement. Like many who have been part of the programme, you are probably wondering what’s next and how your life is going to change after the programme. Here is what you should expect: Once all the necessary paid up letters from your...
The 3rd annual Debt Review Awards Gala was held on Saturday evening, in recognition of outstanding achievements in the Debt Counselling industry for 2015. It came as no surprise as once again, DebtBusters and Consumer Debt Help, both subsidiaries of Intelligent Debt Management (IDM Group) scooped the most anticipated awards of the evening, with Consumer Debt Help winning best ‘Large Debt Counselling Company’ and DebtBusters bringing home the best ‘National Debt Counselling Company’ award.
“This was my first salary and I was so excited that I didn’t realise that I was taking out too many loans. I felt trapped because I needed more and more loans to pay my current ones. I came across DebtBusters, who were able to lower my payments so that I can afford to pay my debts every month. I have learnt a valuable lesson at a young age and I am better off because of them. Thank you DebtBusters”. – Erica Manuel, DebtBusters Client
“I never thought I would ever end up in a situation where I would not be in control of my money. I tried every solution possible, but I could not handle my monthly payments and started going into arrears with some of my accounts, I even started getting lawyers letters which was frightening and was always fighting with my partner. I asked DebtBusters to help me and help me they did. In fact, they saved me and my relationship.” – Brandon Williamson, DebtBusters Client
“Being in debt can be so overwhelming. It’s a nightmare that you can’t wake up from. When I realised that I could no longer take out a loan each month to service my existing debt, I made the responsible decision to call DebtBusters. The empathy, the advice and the will to help, was what convinced me that I made the right choice to solve my debt problems. I can now sleep peacefully at night knowing that I can afford to pay off my children’s education and put food on the table. Debt Counselling has changed my life.” – Margaret Jefferson, DebtBusters Client
“I couldn’t sleep at night. I thought of my family and that they may end up on the street. DebtBusters helped me save my home.” – Simon, DebtBusters Client
Over 23 Million South Africans are burdened with debt and more than half of them are in arrears on their debt repayments. At DebtBusters we understand that life happens and that you don’t always plan to get yourself into this situation. There are many reasons for why and how people become over-indebted, ranging from a...
Smartcents is the easiest way to keep track of your debt review application progress. By logging on to, you are able to view your account balances, payment history, credit report and your countdown to debt freedom! Smartcents is a revolutionary debt review tracking tool and is one of a kind in the industry. Logging into Smartcents, it is best way for you to stay up to date with your debt review application progress.
At DebtBusters, the stories we hear from our clients, about how they have been able to transform their lives through DebtBusters debt counselling, is at the core of what drives us. Here is a story about Mr Moloyi, a government worker, who came to DebtBusters for help with his debt problems.
As the South African economy is going through testing times, with increases in electricity, petrol and food costs, people’s incomes have lost its purchasing power, leading to high reliance on credit for day to day consumption. This has tipped many consumers over the financial edge and more and more consumers are turning to debt counselling to help them manage their finances.