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The DebtBusters press office assists journalists reporting on debt counselling, debt management, and other debt-related topics.

Press FAQs

Does DebtBusters have spokespeople around the country who can conduct interviews?

Yes, DebtBusters have spokespeople readily available to speak to the media. Arrangements can be made via our Press Officer on the above telephone number.

Can DebtBusters provide debt case studies?

Yes, DebtBusters can provide the media with case studies of clients for all debt solutions. Contact our Press Office with details of the type of scenario you are looking to cover. However, we regret to inform you that DebtBusters is not able to provide client’s details, as our clients wish to remain anonymous and our policy of confidentiality must be adhered to.

Does DebtBusters have experts that can provide on-air advice?

Yes, DebtBusters have qualified and experienced debt advisers who can provide on-air debt advice sessions. Again, please contact DebtBusters Press Officer for further details.

Can DebtBusters provide advice columns?

Yes, DebtBusters often write top tips on dealing with debt problems for local and national media. DebtBusters is very interested in providing regular advice columns for both newspaper and magazine readers.

Can DebtBusters check journalists’ copy for accuracy?

Due to DebtBusters limited resources in the press office, it may not be possible to check journalists copy for accuracy every time. However, DebtBusters will check work for technical accuracy when possible.

Can DebtBusters provide access to reliable statistics and research about debt, credit and debt advice?

DebtBusters has a host of information collated from the industry and clients that can be used in articles for the media.

Key contact

Press officer:
Amelia de Milander
[email protected]
+27 (0)21 206 9977

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