Debt Settlement

What is Debt Settlement?

DebtBusters offer a debt settlement solution to clients who receive a lump sum of money and wish to settle all or part of their accrued debt. DebtBusters consultants will negotiate with trusted credit providers in order to attain a settlement discount on all debts such as credit cards, personal loans and store cards. DebtBusters trained debt consultants will manage the client’s entire credit debt settlement.

Benefits of debt settlement:

  • On average, we save clients 25%
  • Offers professional assistance and facilitates a fair debt settlement
  • Ascertains a list of clients debt obligations to be settled
  • Recommends and prioritises which debt should be settled
  • Negotiates with clients credit providers to gain the best possible discount
  • Funds for the settlement are first paid into the clients trust account and then distributed to credit providers
  • Clients are provided with a detailed breakdown of the settlements, discounts and overall savings achieved

Pension Payout:

  • Pension payout for future leads – money paid to DebtBusters, assess current debt situation and develop plan to settle the debt
  • If the customer sells their property, and is waiting on their bond to register, DebtBusters will negotiate the debt settlement once the money is available.
  • A fee applicable, 30% of the total savings, that we negotiate

*Please not that this service is only provided to existing DebtBusters clients. Please contact a financial consultant on 0869990606 for more information.

As one of the most successful debt settlement companies in South Africa, DebtBusters is uniquely placed to tend to your best interests and see you back to the financial security, which you deserve.


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