Debt solutions for your employees

Employee debt impacts employers negatively

Over-indebted employees, desperate for a way to make ends meet are often subject to reckless agreements by unscrupulous lenders, or tempted by theft or bribery. Furthermore when things become really tight and wage increase demands become viral, labour unrest often results, affecting productivity and the bottom line of the company.


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Here are some signs that your employees may be suffering from too much debt:

  • Increased garnishee orders on employee salaries (plus increased payroll admin)
  • Demands for higher salary increases
  • Stress, illness and absenteeism
  • Broken relationships in the workplace
  • Late coming, lack of motivation and lower productivity
  • In extreme cases – theft
  • Increased attrition as employees search for higher paying jobs
  • Increased resignations as employees attempt to get cash from provident funds

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Debt Counselling is the BEST solution for over-indebted employees

Over-indebted employees require urgent help and intervention with their credit providers to avoid legal action and to save their assets from repossession.

Benefits of debt counselling:

For employees:

  • Immediate increased cash flow for living expenses
  • No more credit provider harassment at work
  • Improved well-being and reduced stress, illness and absenteeism
  • Happier relationships at home and in the workplace

For employers:

  • Improved time-keeping, increased productivity and motivation
  • Fewer loan requests or pay advances
  • Decrease in theft, attrition and resignations
  • Fewer demands for excessive pay increases

Furthermore when individuals start getting on top of their debt they start to see the benefits of budgeting and start planning for future financial health.


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DebtBusters HAS A SOLUTION for YOUR employees

About IDM-01

  • Often employees are too embarrassed to admit they are struggling with debt
  • They may not be aware of debt counselling as a solution for their debt
  • DebtBusters offers co-branded Employee education through your existing employee communication channels
  • DebtBusters provides employees with a direct and anonymous channel to obtain a free credit report and debt assessment without them having to take time off work.

“Our clients are good people in bad times” Ian Wason, IDM CEO

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