Credit Life cover

Insurance cover for your debt. If you lose your income, your Credit Life will pay your credit providers for you.

Credit Life is usually included with the original credit agreement by your credit providers, as a condition of taking out credit, and is always included in your monthly instalment. DebtBusters can replace and consolidate your Credit Life Cover, reduce your monthly premium and save you money.

Protection when things go wrong

Credit Life Cover by DebtBusters will protect your family in the following situations:

  • Death: Your outstanding balance will be settled
  • Temporary Disability: Your instalment will be covered for up to 12 months
  • Permanent Disability: Your outstanding balance will be settled
  • Retrenchment: Your instalment will be covered for up to 12 months

Key questions

Credit Life Cover is insurance cover for your debt or money you have borrowed from credit providers in the event of your death, disability, dread disease or retrenchment. This cover protects both yourself and your credit provider from financial loss due to these occurrences.

To protect them from a client not being able to repay the money they borrowed due to unexpected circumstances, the credit provider often requires an insurance policy to be in place before lending money.

You have the right to seek alternative cover other than that provided to you by the credit provider. Where DebtBusters can provide you with the same or better cover at a lower cost, you are able to swop your existing cover and save yourself money. You will need to give your creditor one calendar month notice of cancellation, after which your new DebtBusters policy will be activated.

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