Life cover

Protect your family’s financial future.

Life Cover safeguards your assets and will help protect your family’s financial future by replacing your income in the event of death, disability or dread disease, allowing you and your family to afford your living expenses if you are no longer able to generate an income. Your outstanding debt will also be covered in the event of death or disability. Safeguard your assets and help protect your family’s financial future.

Let Life Insurance provide for your family when you can’t.

  • In the event of your death, your beneficiary will be paid a cash amount that will cover your family’s expenses for five years.
  • If you are permanently disabled as a result of injury or illness and you can no longer work, a cash amount will be paid to you.
  • If you become critically ill or contract a dread disease like cancer, you will be paid a cash amount to help pay your expenses and medical costs.

Key questions

Life Cover is insurance that replaces your income in the event of your death, disability or dread disease. Life Cover takes care of your loved ones when you’re unable to, by paying for you and your family’s financial obligations such as monthly living expenses and debt. In so doing, it provides you and your family with financial protection against life’s uncertainties and helps keep you and your family financially secure.

To be permanently disabled means that you are not able to work or earn a living. You will be paid a once-off amount that can be used to supplement your income, pay off debt and help pay for the additional costs incurred due to being disabled.

If you are temporarily incapable of working due to an injury or illness, this benefit will pay you a monthly amount for a maximum of 12 months.

A dread disease or terminal illness is a life-threatening illness such as a heart attack or cancer. In the case of you suffering a terminal illness, you will be paid a lump sum that is calculated based on the severity of the disease, determined by your medical status. Terminal illnesses include:
Heart attackBlindness
StrokeMultiple sclerosis
Major organ / Bone Marrow transplantMotor neuron disease
Kidney failureComa
CancerHeart valve surgery
Paraplegia/paralysisMajor burns
Alzheimer’s diseaseDiplegia
Coronary artery diseases requiring surgeryQuadriplegia

Our Life product has been developed to provide our clients with the necessary cover at an affordable price. We also make the process of getting covered simple, offering Life Cover without medical underwriting and unnecessary paperwork.

Pre-existing conditions are medical conditions you might have been suffering from prior to joining our Life Cover and which, as a result, are excluded from cover for a defined period, for example:

  • Dread Disease/Terminal Illness: A condition suffered from 12 months prior to the cover will not be covered for the first two years of the cover.
  • Disability benefits: A condition suffered from 12 months prior to the cover will not be covered for the first year of the cover.

Pre-existing condition exclusions are common practice in the Life Insurance industry. Please note, however, that your premium will not be increased due a pre-existing condition and that all other claims not connected to the condition will be covered.

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