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Can I apply for debt counselling if I am unemployed?

There are various requirements that need to be met in order for one to qualify for debt counselling. Debt counselling is best suited to South African consumers who are;

1. Struggling to meet their debt repayments on time

2. Unable to pay off their debts after taking into account all expenses and income

3. Currently employed and earning a monthly income

4. Deemed over-indebted (At the end of the month, you owe credit providers more than what you can pay for)

Unfortunately, DebtBusters is unable to offer their services to South African consumers who are unemployed and are not earning an income. This can be attributed to the fact that you have to receive a monthly income in order to pay for your current monthly debt instalments.

Although DebtBusters will reduce your interest rates and extend your debt repayment terms, allowing you to pay a smaller monthly instalment, you still have to be able to afford that instalment so that they can eradicate all of their debt.

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However, for South Africans that are married "in community of property" and have a partner that is currently employed and earning an income, then you may qualify for debt review as a joint application.

It is essential that you find employment as quickly as possible in order to contribute to the debt review process and become debt free as soon as possible. DebtBusters believes that consumers should be able to generate wealth on contribute to their own personal development, as well as to the development of South Africa.

If you are currently employed and over-indebted in order to apply for debt counselling follow the below steps:

1. Fill in “The Free Call back Form” on

2. Receive a financial assessment, advice and debt review

3. Provide your:

• South African Identification Booklet

• Bank Statements

• Latest Payslip

• Substantial monthly funds to meet monthly debt repayments

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