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Can I still rent property if I am under debt review?

4 January 2024

The short answer to this question is: yes you can still rent property if you are under debt review. 

Debt review is not a credit agreement. This is what makes it possible for you to still rent property. Your debt counsellor will be able to provide your landlord with proof that you are being financially responsible with your budget, meaning your debt counselling status won’t affect your ability to rent property. 

But, there’s more you need to know on this topic. Find out everything below.  

Legal obligations of debt counselling 

While you’re under debt counselling, you are obligated to make your monthly repayments. You are also not allowed to take out any additional credit or loans. 

However, you will be allowed to rent property and start a new lease. 

Do I have to notify my landlord if I go under debt review during my lease? 

If you already are renting a property at the time that you begin your debt counselling journey, you are not obligated to tell your landlord or agent. However, it may be a good idea to tell them. 

This gives them context and allows them to understand if you are struggling, and can give them peace of mind by ensuring them that you are taking well-thought-out, responsible steps to getting your finances sorted. 

Communication and addressing concerns 

Communication is key in most circumstances, and that applies here as well. You should communicate as much as possible to ensure that every aspect of your rental agreement and debt counselling journey is going smoothly. For example: 

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  1. You can communicate with your landlord about the process of debt counselling, so that they can fully understand it. This will likely alleviate any concerns they have. 

  2. You should communicate with your debt counsellor if you are struggling to make payments so that they can help you to make a plan that helps you to pay what you need to while still affording rent and avoiding being withdrawn from debt counselling. 

What to do if your landlord finds out you are under debt review? 

If your landlord finds out you are under debt review and they are deeply concerned about what that means for your rental payments, there is a way for you to put them at ease! 

You can request that your debt counsellors provide them with a letter proving that the amount needed for your rent payment is available in your budget. 

The vast majority of agents will accept this. You should notify your debt counsellor if there are any problems in this regard.

Struggling with debt? 

If you are struggling with debt, are overwhelmed with finances, and feel you cannot afford to rent a place then you could benefit from debt counselling! 

For more information on Debt Counselling and DebtBusters contact a debt counsellor on 086 999 0606. 

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