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What is a credit report?

Credit report information:

Credit reports display both positive and negative information based on the actions you have taken with regards to your credit. The following information may be present on your credit report:

1. Defaults: A persistent default will show up on your credit report if you have not paid an account for three or four months or if you are regularly late in paying your accounts. A persistent default will be displayed on your account before a judgement is taken and will show up on your credit record for up to two years.

2. Judgements: A judgement is listed on your credit report for the duration of five years. If you default on payment, a credit provider will obtain a judgement against you. Once this has been done, a court will authorise an order that permits money to be to be deducted from your salary. As an alternative, your positions, such as your house will be repossessed.

3. Administration orders: Administration orders are a form of insolvency. A court will appoint an administrator to distribute a set monthly amount to all of your creditors, on your behalf, in order to ensure that your debt repayments are made. An administration order will appear on a credit record for up to 10 years, unless it has been rescinded.

4. Sequestrations: Sequestration is a legal process whereby you surrender your estate as you are deemed insolvent by court order. Sequestration is an option for an individual who has exhausted all their other options of resolution and therefore the court will appoint a trustee to sell the consumers assets and then proceed by distributing all the proceeds according to the Insolvency Act. The sequestration process is implemented in order to write off all your debts, however once you enter into the process you are no longer able to access any further credit. Unless sequestration enables you to rehabilitate your financial situation and pay all your creditors, the fact that you have been sequestrated will stay on your credit record for 10 years. However, if your creditors have been repaid after going through the process of sequestration, all information that led to your sequestration will be removed from your credit report, however for a period of five years your credit report will state that you have been rehabilitated.

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5. Debt Counselling: If you go under debt counselling, the information related to the debt counselling process will be displayed on your credit record. The debt counselling process fundamentally consists of a debt counsellor negotiating with your credit providers on your behalf, in order to find an agreed budget whereby your interest rates are reduced and the payment terms are extended in order to ensure that all your debts will be paid off over a maximum period of 60 months. When under debt counselling, you are no longer able to access further credit until your debts have been paid off and you have received a clearance certificate. If your home loan has been included in the debt counselling process, the repayment terms are extended to 20 years, this stating that you will not be able to access any further credit until your home loan has been paid off.

6. Enquiries: When a credit provider requests to review your credit report in order to establish whether or not to grant you credit, it will be listed on your credit report. Enquiries will be displayed on your credit report for period of two years. According to the National credit Act (NCA) credit reports are confidential and can only be viewed if given permission and by those who have a prescribed purpose or are prospective employers associated with an occupation that requires immense trust and honesty, whereby the handling of money is involved. Thus, it is important for enquiries to be listed on your credit report in order for you to know who has viewed it.

How to read your TransUnion credit Report?

A credit report is something that is extremely difficult to understand, as well as get useful information from, if you have never seen one before. However, in writing, it is difficult to explain how to read a credit report and thus, the best thing to do would be to contact TransUnion and request there assistance in helping you read your credit report. The contact number for TransUnion is 0861482482. Please note, if you dispute any of the information in your credit report, you can file a dispute case, which will then be investigated.

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