Consumer Rights

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Consumers have the right to:

  • Apply for credit
  • Request reasons for credit being refused
    • Credit providers may refuse credit:
      • The refusal must be based on reasonable commercial grounds
      • Consumer has the right to request reasons for the decline
        • Credit provider must provide the dominant reason for the decline in writing (with credit bureau details if decline was a result of a failed score)

Consumers have the right to:

  • Protection against discrimination
    • Credit providers may not discriminate against any applicant on the grounds set out in Section 9(3) of the Constitution including:
      • Race, colour, ethnic or social origin, culture, language or birth
      • Gender or sexual orientation
      • Marital status, age or disability
      • Religion or beliefs

Consumers right to receive documents:

  • All required documents must be delivered to the consumer
    • In the prescribed manner
    • Via more than one of the following mechanisms:
      • In person at the credit provider’s business premises
      • At any location chosen by the consumer
      • Ordinary mail
      • Fax
      • Email
      • Printable web page

Consumers right to receive documents:

  • Original copy of documents
    • At no charge
  • On written request:
    • Within 1 year; single replacement copy without charge
    • Any other replacement copy, subject to regulated search and production fees

To confidentiality:

  • Consumers have a right to the confidentiality of their information being protected by anyone who:
    • Receives, complies, retains or reports on it
  • Information can only be used
    • For purposes as permitted or required by the Act
  • Information can only be released
    • To the consumer
    • To another person (3rd party); if directed by the consumer, Tribunal and if permitted by the Act.

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