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Save Electricity and Save Money

Saving is a mind-set. Save water, electricity and most importantly, save money as a result. 1. Unplug unused appliances, instead of switching them off. Appliances still draw electricity when they are plugged in a power point and switched off. 2. Switch off the television when no one is watching. Save electricity and save money. 3. Turn off lights when no one is using them. 4. Buy energy efficient appliances and products, to not only cut costs and save money, but also conserve the environment. 5. Know the electricity usage of each appliance. 6. Run appliances such as clothes dryers and dishwashers at night, to avoid peak energy rates and reduce the humid heat they generate. Excess humidity is uncomfortable and can be expensive to process, due to high electricity usage and costs associated with air conditioners. 7. Adjust your water heater temperature down to approximately 120 degrees and implement a geyser blanket in order to restrict heat loss. 8. Replace shower heads with low flow heads to reduce water usage. 9. Ensure garden water irrigation systems run for shorter periods of time as well as at night to prevent less water evaporation. 10. Reduce heating costs during winter. Insulate the ceiling, seal air gaps in your home, and use the most of your homes thermal masses, which are materials such as concrete and bricks that absorb and release heart when a temperature differences occur. 11. Use lighting wisely. Florescent lights are economical and last longer. Install lighting dimming switches to regulate the light level and reduce electricity consumption. 12. Use front loading washing machines that provide a variety of water temperature settings, as they use less water and the option of a cold wash will reduce electricity costs and usage that is needed to heat the water and will consequently save money. 13. Take advantage of good weather to dry washing, instead of using dryers. 14. Freezers and fridges operate most efficiently when filled to the capacity recommended by the manufacturers and should be bought in sizes that will suit the needs of your family. 15. Using smaller kitchen appliances such as toasters and slow cookers instead of stoves and microwave ovens can save electricity usage and save money. By saving electricity, you are automatically saving money as costs will reduce.

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