Debt Management

What is Debt Management?

Debt management is a debt solution targeted at South Africans who struggling to make debt repayments, but are not yet classified as over-indebted.

DebtBusters debt consultants will help clients organise an affordable, realistic and structured monthly budget and debt management plan. Debt management also consists of helping clients, facing financial difficulties, solve their debt problems and empower them to take back control over their financial situation by negotiating with creditors and initiating a payment plan. Debt management will provide clients with a guideline for eliminating and remaining out of debt.

Benefits of debt management:

  • DebtBusters debt management consultants offer free, unbiased and expert advice on how to reduce debt
  • A debt plan will enable clients to stay on top of their finances
  • Debt repayment plans and budgets are tailored to the individual financial particulars of the client
  • Educates clients on how to reduce and manage debt, negotiate payment terms with creditors and constructively become debt free by gaining financial independence
  • Helps clients keep control of their money and make well informed decisions about monthly debt payments
  • Supplies clients with structured and helpful debt management tools needed to gain financial independence
  • Reduces debt repayment amounts and increases cash flow by managing debt

Read what DebtBusters clients have to say about us, in our DebtBusters case studies section.


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