Interested in quick cash at zero interest rate?

27 November 2012

Sometimes when we need extra income to get by we go to a lot of effort. We read books, attend seminars, and get involved in all kind of schemes. Very often the result is that we end up spending a lot of money with no or very little gain. There are several ways to have more cash available at zero interest rates:

1. Increase your income in the following ways

• Ask if there is more work at your employment or if they will put incentives in for you
• Find a second part time job, perhaps just a few hours per week
• Generate cash by selling non-essential property or renting out a room you are not using

2. Reduce your expenses

• Reduce your living costs by making note of your expenses and where to make savings
• Negotiate lower prices, on bulk food, furniture or your rent

3. Receive a large unforeseen windfall (These cannot be planned for, and are unrealistic)

• Lotto (14 000 000 to one odds)
• Inheritance (Would you realty depend on someone to die for your gain?)
• Gift (Unlikely, in this day and age)

One of the easiest ways to negotiate an easy win is to get requoted on your credit life. All your loans will have a credit life policy attached to it and many of these are expensive. Our sister company Insurance Busters is hugely successful in reducing these premiums, saving you the consumer thousands of rand a year. See a recent example below, where the annual saving is close to R6000, which could certainly be put to better use.

Rate client is paying currently at the different institutions What client saves
Creditor Cover Rate per
R1 000 loan Monthly
premium Premium at
Insurance Busters Savings
A bank R 5 023.86 R 11.03 R 55.41 R 15.07 R 37.83
A bank R 6 189.30 R 10.42 R 64.52 R 18.57 R 42.86
A bank R 6 706.90 R 11.31 R 75.88 R 20.12 R 52.41
A bank R 15 043.90 R 8.30 R 124.83 R 45.13 R 72.18
A bank R 23 000.00 R 14.14 R 325.29 R 69.00 R 244.79
Total R 55 963.96 R 11.54 R 645.93 R 167.89 R 478.04

We have found that in almost 100% of cases, we reduce the clients’ expenditure by saving on their credit life insurance. If you would like a no obligation quote for credit life please contact our credit life manager André Goethals at

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