Last minute father’s day tips

17 June 2016

Its father’s day! Dads, husbands and grandpa’s deserve some appreciation on this special day. It tends to be harder to find gifts for father’s day than mother’s day, the most popular gifts on this day usually include an outing activity, clothing, electronics and gift cards, but you do not have to blow your budget to show that you appreciate them on this day.

South Africa has over 21 million credit active consumers. Don’t let father’s day get you carried away and spending over and above your means to show how much you care and appreciate your father. Times are tough and the small things you do for your dad to show you honour his presence will always go a long way.

Most fathers if asked what they want on this day they usually give their families the most frustrating answer of, “nothing” or “I don’t know” which leaves the family thinking of buying expensive gifts that will leave them financially choked. Not this year, below are a few Father’s day ideas that are thoughtful and wallet friendly:

  • Clean dad’s car, this is a task that does not require a big spend and most fathers love it when their cars are clean. It’s the effort and time you take to clean the car that will make it special for your father on this day. And for those who do not stay with their parents, a voucher to the car wash would also be a great and affordable gift.
  • Garage clean up, most fathers have DIY tools and work stations and they are not the most tidy of places in the home. Make time to tidy, pack away tools and label tools for your father this father’s day.
  • Weeding the garden. In most households the outdoor activities are usually the father’s responsibility. Take the time this father’s day to take on the challenge and let your father rest. It might not necessarily be weeding but just be there to make a difference in the garden, be it watering the plants or mowing the grass.
  • Homemade gift, men are known for being tough but they also have a soft side. So do not hesitate to make your father a nice homemade card with a message of gratitude, love and reflection on the good times you shared.
  • Spend quality time with dad, this could include watching your father’s favourite sport or movie with him to show your appreciation. If not just take a walk and catch up with your father, he will feel special and it is something different and costs nothing.