WATCH: What is #DebtAwarenessMonth 2021 all about? 10 clips to explain

Debt Awareness Month was introduced to help South African consumers better understand their debt situations and the range of solutions available to them. Watch the short clips below to learn more.

This coverage is part of #DebtAwarenessMonth 2021. For the latest updates, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

1. Introducing Debt Awareness Month 2021

2. What to do when you’re struggling with debt

3. Why am I struggling with debt when interest rates are low?

4. How can debt counselling help me?

5. How do I know if debt counselling will work for me?

6. Why am I and so many other people struggling with debt?

7. How do I find a good debt counsellor?

8. What can I expect when I call a debt counsellor?

9. Debt counselling: How much do I pay each month and how long does it take?

10. What’s the main reason people end up in debt counselling?

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