Be proudly South African this Heritage Day

23 September 2016

It is easy to lose the meaning and value of Heritage Day in South Africa. Many see it as a day to stay at home and have a good ol’ braai with family and friends. Let me take you back to the reason this day is honoured in this country. Heritage Day is one of South Africa’s newer public holidays, declared after the republic became a democracy in 1994. The day was first observed in 1996. This day was set aside to unite the rainbow nation as people from different walks and cultures share their cultural beliefs, interests and teach each other different languages and ways of life.

The younger generation is at risk of misinterpreting this day and perhaps not giving it the respect it deserves. Parents need to educate their kids of the importance of South African culture and heritage and how far we come as a nation. At Debtbusters we value this day as we share and reflect on the different cultures that make up our staff, our thousands of clients and to a larger extent our population.

Here are a few money saving tips that you can apply in enjoying the day and educating your children:

  • Stay at home and invite friends and family over to share a meal with you instead of going out to expensive restaurants
  • Take a small picnic to the beach, promenade, forest, park or even a city bench to watch the passers-by
  • Go for a hike or explore nature
  • Visit one of South Africa’s many free museums