Setting financial goals for 2012

27 November 2012

The start of a new year gives you a good opportunity to get your finances on track.

The previous few years have been tough financially. It has been difficult for graduates to find jobs, many people are now stretching their pay checks as inflation as risen and unfortunately salaries have not risen to match therefore putting consumers in a difficult financial position.

If you would like to make financial changes in 2012 you need to form a solid plan and look at every single aspect of your financial life.

Changes may be small but together several changes can really make an impact on your financial situation.

The first thing is look at your overall financial picture. With outstanding debt putting every extra rand you can into them will make a difference and have them cleared quicker. You may be considering building your savings for your retirement or purchase a home. All these goals will impact or can be impacted by the current state of your finances.

Creating a budget that works is a good idea. You need to stick to your budget and if done with careful planning and monitoring of your accounts this can be a useful financial tool. You can change your financial outlook by committing to getting out of debt. Keeping up to date with all financial payments is a must.

Taking the time to make financial goals for 2012 will also make it easier to handle the other aspects of your life. To succeed you need to make sure you are not sabotaging yourself financially and falling into old financial habits. A hopeless situation can be turned around but takes time and dedication to sticking to a budget. Through real effort and a willingness to make a change to your financial situation you can build new habits which will lead to your financial success.

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