• "I just want to thank you for the efficient, friendly and informative service you have provided me with, before passing me on to the next stage of the debt counselling process, with the negotiator. You were very accommodating and informative to the point where I didn't even have to ask questions. You covered everything in detail. It was a pleasure talking to you every time you called. Your tone of voice was always comforting and I appreciate that very much. You really made a nerving experience, such as applying for debt review, a pleasant one. I will gladly refer anyone to Debtbusters, especially if everyone at your company dealt with clients the way you did with me. Thank you very much."

    J.Davis of Port Elizabeth
  • "I am so impressed with the after-care service you provide to your clients. The mere fact that you even inform credit providers about their changing circumstances, it means you are keeping in touch with your clients and maintaining a close relationship through the term of their programme."

    D.R. of Springbok
  • "I am so grateful that there is a kind of service such as this. I am at loss of words and I am overwhelmed at the help and kindness you have provided without passing judgement on my faults that have got me in this situation"

    S.E. of Bloemfontein
  • "I recently embarked on beginning to sort out the large debt I was being weighed down with, I was terrified of the steps that needed to be taken into the unknown, and did not know what was to be expected I wanted to say an extremely big thank you, to your hard-working, knowledgeable and kind employees, and colleagues. I have been working with Philisiwe for the last week or two, she has been nothing short of exceptional. She was truly caring, concerned and dedicated to making me feel unique and cared for. She gave me helpful education and guidance and kept me completely informed through every step of beginning a new chapter in my debt free life. Words cannot possibly express my gratitude for all at your company. I have been made to feel like an individual, even though you probably deal with hundreds of people. Thank you, thank you and thank you again, for the exceptional treatment and help I have received. Philisiwe is as absolute asset to your company, and I am very grateful I have had the privilege to be dealing with her, and for giving me the tools and hope in a better future, for myself and my family. Thank you for helping me make a positive change and difference in my life, I am so very grateful."

    Ayoob Muneeb of Gauteng
  • "Towards the end of 2008 I was neck deep in debt. This morning I was able to make my final payment to my creditors under review. I have learnt a very hard and long, but valuable lesson. I stand today with my net worth looking a whole lot better than when I approached DebtBusters I would like to thank DebtBusters for their help in restoring my financial situation. But the success story for me lies in what I have learnt about debt and budgeting. There is no quick fix to learn these lessons. I will carry these lessons with me for life."

    Jessica Neethling of Pretoria
  • "Dear DebtBusters. Many thanks for all your help, it is much appreciated. You have really changed my life and I now can see the values of entering into debt review. You have given me excellent service and have been extremely understanding of my situation. Thank you once again"

    E.Scharneck of Johannesburg
  • "I have never had such prompt replies to questions and problems from any kind of service provider. Man I take my hat off to you guys cause being in financial trouble can effect your life so badly and can really destroy a persons self worth but having Debt Busters there to help makes THE WORLD OF A DIFFERENCE!!! I cant tell you where I would be now if I didn't have the wonderful support from you all!!! "

    C.Rootman of Cape Town
  • "Thank you so much for your message received. Let me also commend you for your speedy and professional attention to our application. Client care and service is still a major problem to our country. The manner you rendered a service to us, makes us feel respected and cared for. May you continue to serve the people of SA in the best way possible. You are a star!!! "

    T.A. Ntombela of Grahamstown
  • "You can visit the website at www.debtbusters.co.za, I highly recommend them, the service I have received from them has been sterling and it certainly takes a load off to work with them. I have been able to sleep at night since March last year and what a pleasure. Try their call centre on 0869 99 06 06."

    C.Smit of Bloemfontein
  • "It is very rare these days to get such good customer care service. I went to another company first, where I cancelled my agreement with them because of the bad service I received. When I contacted you I was very afraid that the same would happen. Jean, however answered all my questions, explained what was happening and kept me up to date on what he was doing. He made a big difference in a very stressful situation. I would feel very comfortable recommending him to anybody in the same situation."

    L.Stevenson from Hermanus

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