5 Easy Tips to cut your supermarket spend

28 November 2012

Do you leave the supermarket feeling robbed?

If you answered yes to this question then perhaps you are not shopping as well as you could be. DebtBusters offers you 5 easy tips to really cut that supermarket spend while at the same time maintaining your standard of living.

1.Dump your current supermarket
We are all creatures of nature and if you have been shopping at more expensive shops for the last 5 years and now can no longer afford this, the likelihood is you are still going there. However, the reality is – if you cannot afford it, just don’t do it!
There are more than enough competitor grocery stores which have the exact same produce on their shelves. Shop around and, do not just accept the first price you see.

2.Cut out the brand names
What most people don’t know is that when you buy a brand name item you are most likely paying for the label as opposed to what is inside. Cheaper brands do not necessarily imply poor quality and are often of the same standard.
A constructive first step to moving away from expensive name brands is so start replacing your basic items such as sugar, cereals and flour with no name brands. Always check the price on a weight to weight basis.

3.Don’t disregard a good bargain
At the end of the day most supermarkets lower their prices in an attempt to get rid of their perishable goods of that day. To save on these goods it is therefore not such a bad idea to do your shop towards the end of the day. Many of these can easily be put in the freezer until you require them.

4.Ditch the packaged goods
Buy your fruit and vegetables from discount stores who offer great value and many special offers. You can easily cut your bill in half this way. Also buying loosely rather than in packets as it is cheaper. Again Look out for the price per kg and those specials.

5.How do you shop?
Do a big shop once a month or every two weeks, this saves money when compared to more regular shopping. Always make out a shopping list and stick to it and never go shopping when you are hungry, as you will waste your rands on those nice to have snacks.

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