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5 tips to stick to your Debt Counselling payments this winter

The winter season is upon us. This can cause you to overspend on items which will keep you warm. Sometimes, overspending on food and clothing during winter can leave you with little or no money for more important things like paying your monthly debt counselling payment. To make sure that you don't miss debt repayment or bust budget on winter warmers, follow these 5 tips to help you save money and keep up to date with your debt counselling.

1. Purchase your winter clothing before winter starts

Shopping for new clothing is always fun, but buying warm clothing in the winter months is not always the best idea. Purchasing winter clothing a month or two before is usually a smart way to save some money, as prices for winter clothing during the winter months usually increase drastically.

2. Mix and match your clothing

You should also consider the type of clothing you purchase and if it is a necessity. Jackets and long pants can be worn with almost anything. Purchase them in a neutral colour, such as black or blue. Save yourself from spending unnecessary money that could be used for something more urgent in future.

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3. Consider home-made meals instead of purchasing ready-made food

If you’re an average sized family and you spend R150 to R200 on ready made meals for two days a week, it will amount to almost R1500 per month. You can save money by cooking warm meals which you may even be able to eat again the following day.

4. Leave the electric blanket alone!

Naturally we tend to spend a lot more money on electricity due to making use of our heaters, electrical warmers and electrical blankets. A more cost effective alternative would be to purchase a thick jacket or blanket that you can use at all times. You can even make use of a fireplace to keep your home warm.

5. Keep your doors and windows closed

Avoid icy cold draughts by keeping your windows and doors closed to limit the cold air from entering your home. This can help lower your electricity usage because you will not need to use electrical devices to keep you warm. Be smart. Stick to these simple tips and you can make a decent saving this winter. If you are struggling with your debt repayments contact DebtBusters for support. Call 086 999 06 06 today.

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