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How does migration affect debt counselling?

People move in and out of the country for different reasons. In many cases these people carry more than their luggage with them, they carry their debt, and some of them are under debt counselling. This is usually a cause for concern for these individuals as they don’t know how their migration will affect their debt counselling payments.

Moving out of the country doesn’t excuse non-payment

Being under debt counselling doesn’t hinder you from emigrating. You can still move to and work in another country while you’re undergoing debt counselling. However, you must let your debt counsellor know that you’re relocating. You will still be liable for your monthly restructured payments. Failure to stick to your payments will lead to the cancellation of your debt counselling programme. Your debt will go back to your creditors and they will take legal action against you. This means you will not be able to take credit in South Africa again because your credit score will be negatively impacted. Creditors do not give credit to someone who poses a risk.

What if you’re immigrating?

At DebtBusters, we assist consumers who are moving into the country. However, the debt must be local debt – that is, debt incurred from a South African company. You will have to provide us with proof of your income, permanent residency, and your bank statements. If your debt was incurred in another country, you will have to contact debt counselling companies from that country.

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What if you become overindebted whilst outside the country?

DebtBusters has assisted, and continues to assist, consumers who live outside South Africa. It does happen that sometimes you struggle to continue paying your debt while you’re living outside the country. There’s no need to worry about this because we can still help you rebuild your finances. As long as the debt was incurred in South Africa, we can help you create a new repayment plan which will allow you to pay lower instalments, interest, and stop creditors from demanding payment. You may be tempted to stop paying your debts while you are away, but don’t give in. You are only doing yourself a disservice. Your actions may not affect your ability to travel, but some debt will haunt you. For instance, if you owe the South African Revenue Services, your assets can be attached, and if you have assets outside South Africa, they may be repatriated to SA. It can also be hard to obtain your tax certificate clearance for your investments. DebtBusters has issued thousands of clearance certificates to South African residents including those living outside of the country. You can also be one of them by contacting our consultants at [email protected] or call 086 999 0606.

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