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Should you have a financial adviser after you get your Clearance Certificate?

Achieving the Clearance Certificate is the ultimate goal when you join the debt counselling process. This certificate means that you’ve settled all the accounts that were listed in your debt counselling contract.

Unfortunately, some people become anxious and extra careful when it comes to managing their money after debt counselling because they believe they can’t handle their finances. But is getting a financial adviser a good idea?

What does a financial adviser do?

A financial adviser helps you create a personalised budget to help you achieve your financial goals. An adviser not only helps you with your investments but also with tax, savings, debt, insurance, and all that is related to your finances.

A financial adviser evaluates your current financial situation and recommends adjustments where necessary with the aim of planning for your future. However, this doesn’t come free. Like any service provider, a financial adviser will charge you for every service they render to you.

Do you need a financial adviser?

This will depend on your personal circumstances. First, you’ll have to know why you need a financial adviser and the type of financial adviser you’d need. Some advisers specialise in retirement needs, and others in insurance, depending on their interests. If you think you need assistance with your taxes specifically, you’ll need a tax specialist for that.

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If, however, you need someone to help you budget better so you don’t fall into the debt trap again, you can speak to your debt counsellor. After you complete your debt counselling process, you may no longer require that since the process also educates consumers on how to manage their finances going forward.

At DebtBusters, we provide budgeting methods and personal finances management plans in order to solve debt problems. If you see that your debt is becoming a threat to your financial health, we’re happy to help you beat it.

We have trained debt counsellors who can help you get back on track again. We’ll be happy to negotiate reduced instalments with your creditors, while ensuring that you have extra cash that you can use for day-to-day expenses. We’ll also ensure that you have peace of mind while you recover from your financial distress, by stopping your creditors from hounding you.

For more information on how we can assist, call us on 086 999 0606 or send an email to [email protected].

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