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Spring into action with Debt Settlement!

Spring represents a new beginning and the start of all things warm. It is also that time of year when everyone starts gearing up for a new summer wardrobe and the December holidays that are fast approaching. It’s out with the old and in with the new, but have you considered the impact on your financial situation?

Times are getting tougher and so should you!

Over 45,000 DebtBusters clients have taken a stand against their debt. With more than one in two credit active South Africans in arrears on their debt repayments, it’s time to get serious about stopping debt in its tracks! We would like to remind our clients that our Debt Settlement department is available to negotiate excellent Debt Settlements for you. So instead of spending your hard earned money on clothing you don’t need or on holidays you can do without, consider paying any extra cash into your outstanding debt accounts. Just because you are under debt review, doesn’t mean you can’t pay extra towards your accounts and get out of debt review quicker!

Spring clean your finances… for less

The DebtBusters Debt Settlement Department has strong relationships with your Credit Providers and can get you up to 30% discount on most account balances. Go on! Get rid of all those small balance accounts with the extra cash you may have received from your tax return, bonuses and extra earnings. Put us to the test today and see how financially beneficial Debt Settlement can be for you. If you are a DebtBusters client, call the DebtBusters Debt Settlement Department on 086 999 06 06 or email [email protected] now!

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Not a DebtBusters client?

If you are not under debt review with DebtBusters, and like millions of South Africans you are struggling to manage your monthly debt repayments, take up our spring offer for a free credit check and debt assessment. DebtBusters will find the best debt management solution for you and will ensure that you have more cash every month so that you can breathe a little easier. Embrace Spring, enjoy the warmer weather and continue your fight against debt! Your future is brighter with DebtBusters and Debt Review. If you are in need of financial assistance, why not call DebtBusters expert consultants on 086 999 06 06 today!

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