The benefits of hearty winter meals

26 June 2017

Winter has indeed taken us by a storm, literally if you happen to live in the Cape Town region of South Africa. Moms and Dads have the constant task of keeping their families warm by ensuring their children wear warm clothing and by preparing hearty winter meals as well. The good news is that you don’t have to over budget to prepare these meals. The trick is to always keep meals simple. According to the world’s most renowned cooks, warm hearty meals do not have to cost a fortune. To take advantage of this, we need to prepare home cooked meals and avoid eating out all the time.

Have a look at the benefits of these home cooked meals:

  1. Saves time: For many people, getting a takeaway at a restaurant or supermarket is thought to be a quick solution. However, it is often much quicker to prepare a meal in the comfort of your home. Research shows that there are healthy and warm meals which can be prepared in less than half an hour. And, for people who prefer more complex recipes, it is advisable to cook in bulk and freeze for later use.
  2. Saves money: Eating in restaurants, as well as buying processed pre-cooked meals, has proven to be more expensive than buying simple raw ingredients to cook with. Chef’s advice: when eating at a restaurant, we pay not only for the food, but also the cost of running that business: the lights, the water, the building, and the staff – in addition to the meals we are eating. The same goes for pre-made or frozen meals at the grocery stores.

Families can save money by:

  • Always having a grocery list, sticking to it and only buying what is necessary.
  • Cooking food in bulk
  • Use your left overs – they can be made into another meal, on their own or with a few more ingredients added to create a different dish altogether.
  1. Eating together brings the family together: It is essential to spend this quality time with family especially during winter seasons. Studies show that eating together is linked to less obesity, children doing better in school, and less substance abuse within the family.

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