Comfort eating on a budget

5 May 2015

Stews, casseroles, decadent hot chocolate and pastries are great comfort foods to eat in cold wintery weather. It is tricky to stick within your grocery budget as it can get out of control very easily when purchasing comfort foods. Follow these tips to stick within your budget.

  1. The benefits of home cooking

Not only is home cooking healthier for your body but for your wallet too. Raw ingredients are cheaper than processed or pre-made food, they also taste better and ensure that you don’t pile on too many winter kilos. Who says staying in has to be boring, have fun by trying out various comfort food recipes with family and friends. An added benefit is the cosy, homey atmosphere that comes with warmth from the kitchen and the delicious smell throughout the house. Plus, say goodbye to all that cup-of-soup at work the next day by bringing your yummy leftovers and snacks to keep you full throughout your day.

  2. Winter specials

Its pumpkin spice latte and chai tea season again, but instead of buying everything at higher trendy prices, look out for the many supermarket and café specials on fresh produce and coupons on popular winter treats. Take advantage of everything on offer by planning out what to buy and where, using things like loyalty points and member discounts to stretch you rand.

  3. Summer savings

Winter is the staying in season so whatever money you save by not being out at restaurants and social events you can save towards spring/summer needs and activities. Planning ahead is always best so you are not caught off guard by over-spending or unable to do things because you don’t have the readily available funds.

Though it feels like it lasts forever, winter is just a few months out of the year and we tend to give ourselves permission to overindulge, we don’t have to sacrifice comfort but we do have to be aware of some of the pitfalls that come along with it. Financial health is not just about monthly budgeting and saving tips, it’s about a lifestyle of being aware of how you spend your money and how to better spend it on the things that really matter.

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