Do I have to attend an interview in order to apply for a debt solution?

DebtBusters operates from a centralised office in Cape Town, South Africa and currently has more than 170 employees.

In order for DebtBusters to deliver their services to South African consumers struggling to manage their finances and to solve their debt problems, a formal face to face interview conducted on the DebtBusters premises is not required in order for a client to make the purchase.

Signing up for one of DebtBusters effective and trustworthy debt solutions is done over the telephone and via email. This ensures that process is conducted as quickly and conveniently as possible, to save you time and money.

DebtBusters application process is 100% safe and reliable, as one of DebtBusters expert financial consultants will assist you every step of the way. All personal and financial information is keep confidential and the appropriate steps are made by the company to make sure the client is protected.

On a daily basis, DebtBusters financial consultants and client services team are available to discuss financial queries and service related topics at any time, thus enabling you to stay on top of your debt situation.

DebtBusters also ensures that all employees follow the company values; service excellence, pride, growing people, forward thinking, integrity and accountability in order to conduct business in the most effective and ethical way.

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