How to Consolidate Your Credit Card Debt

Credit card debt consolidation is a viable debt solution for consumers that have accumulated a large amount of credit card debt. Credit card consolidation enables the consumer to consolidate multiple credit card payments into one single monthly payment. Fundamentally, credit card debt consolidation consists of consolidating high interest rate credit cards, to lower interest rates.

We can help you consolidate your credit card debt. As accrued interest charges begin to increase, the consumer gets further and further into debt, and therefore greater amounts of money are paid than necessary. DebtBusters credit card debt consolidation is therefore an effective method of becoming debt free. DebtBusters are able to secure lower interest rates on credit card debts, thus reinforcing that credit card debt consolidation is a worthwhile debt solution.

How to ensure credit card debt consolidation is worthwhile for you:

  1. Make a list of your current credit card debt interest rates
  2. On another list, write the new interest rates that you would acquire
  3. Compare the interest rates. If the new rate is lower than the old one, credit card debt consolidation would make sense to you.

Credit card debt consolidation:

  • Prevents clients from paying high interest rates on credit card debt
  • Merges multiple credit card debt payments into one monthly payment
  • Ensures consumers are on the way to becoming stress free and debt free, by paying bills each month
  • Reduces payments each month
  • Makes it possible to close other credit card accounts

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