What is the difference between debt review, administration and sequestration?

Debt review, Administration and Sequestration are viable debt solutions, offered by DebtBusters  to South African consumers struggling to make their debt repayments are faced with financial difficulty.  All debt solutions are implemented through DebtBusters systematic business processes, however they have several differentiating factors.


Administration is a debt solution implemented by DebtBusterswhereby the clients current debt instalments are reduced and the credit providers receive a debt repayment once every three months. It is a legal process whereby the debt repayment terms are extended, but the downfall lies with the fact that the process is lengthy and takes much longer than debt counselling.

• Interest rates are only reduced to 15.5%
• The terms of the repayments are extended indefinitely
• Payments are only distributed every 3 months (interest adds up)
• Is only applicable for debts that total less than R50 000
• The fees are 12.5% + VAT + distribution costs per month
• Clients payment often becomes a salary deduction, so your employers will find out


Sequestration is another debt solution offered by DebtBustersThe process entails selling an individuals current assets in order to pay off or lessen their current debt. In addition to this, the court will appoint someone to manage the clients money and thus, it is an expensive process.

• Clients are forced to sell all their personal assets eg. home, car, furniture, valuables.
• The process will cost clients at least R20 000 in legal fees
• Sequestration is not an option unless it is in the credit providers’ best interests, thus the client needs to offer at least 15% of what they owe
• Rehabilitation is only possible after a period of five years.

Debt Review: 

Debt review is a debt management solution implemented in order to assist South African consumers with solving their debt problems. The process of debt review will ensure that the clients debt repayment plan is extended and their current interest rates are reduced, as a professional DebtBusters financial consultant will negotiate with the clients credit providers. The following information sums up the debt review process:
• DebtBusters will restructure your debt after assessing your financial situation
• DebtBusters will negotiate your debt repayments with credit providers
• Debt repayments are consolidated into one affordable monthly repayment, paid to an NCR regulated payment distribution agency
• Debt repayment terms are extended
• Once debt repayments have been made, credit bureaus will be notified and credit records will be adjusted.
• Banking fees are reduced and costs are cut, saving you money.

Debt review, administration and sequestration are all solutions targeted at solving the debt problems South African consumers currently face.

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