Why is debt review better than making other arrangements?

Debt review can be considered as a much better option for eradicating debt as opposed to making other arrangements, as the process is more efficient, safe and will ensure that you are debt free within a period of five years.

At DebtBusters, the debt review process is implemented by our trustworthy and professional financial consultants, thus making sure that the clients are provided with excellent service.

The debt solution was introduced in South Africa by the National Credit Act in 2007. When under debt review, South African consumers are legally protected and given rights by the National Credit Act, as long as they keep up to date with their debt rehabilitation payments. Your debt counsellor will deal directly with your credit providers, thus meaning that creditors are not allowed to hassle or threaten you for money.

The debt review process also enables you to make one monthly instalment to a payment distribution agency and therefore reduces the stress and trouble associated with having to keep up to date with multiple debt repayments.

A debt counsellor will also negotiate a new debt repayment plan with your creditors by extending your debt repayment terms. Lower monthly instalments will also be arranged, as credit providers will make sure that you pay less on instalments by renegotiating your interest rates and having them reduced. Debt review will save you money and leave you with greater means for living expenses.

More importantly however, debt review can also be considered as an educational process. At DebtBusters, our expert financial consultants will draw up a new and affordable budget that will assist you with managing your money properly and provide you with the means to cut down on expenses where possible. The budget will be tailored to your personal requirements and specific household needs.

Debt review will give you peace of mind and reduce your stress, as your debt situation will be under control and governed by the process. Overall, debt review is definitely a reliable and more suitable option for solving debt problems.

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