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What do I do if I am a victim of fraud and my credit record has been breached?

Question from a South African consumer:

My credit record has been breached and I have become a victim of Fraud. I was contacted by Telkom a few months ago, stating that I owed R2000 and that I am to make the payment before my landline is terminated.

However, I do not have a landline at home and I do not use any Telkom related services. The problem is, the fact that I have not paid the money has reflected on my credit report and has had a detrimental impact on my credit score.

This has impacted my ability to get a job too, as employers are checking credit scores before hiring. I am also now unable to open an account at various stores as they do not trust me. Please can you assist on how I can fix this problem? Who do I contact in order to rectify my credit score?

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DebtBusters advises:

The best process going forward would be to lodge a dispute at the credit bureau on this specific account, which will be reflected on your credit report.

A dispute consists of challenging the credit bureau with regards to the level of accuracy of the information listed on the credit report.
The credit bureau will investigate will investigate the situation and provide you with feedback within 20 days.

In order to file a dispute you will need to submit a copy of your credit report reflecting the account in arrears, your identity documents and proof of address.

For more information on how to file a dispute, visit the following site: challenge/dispute:

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