Cut spending and make more money

If your monthly expenses are greater than your income, if you are barely getting by financially each month or if you’re paying a minimum amount of credit card debt off, then it is definitely time to clamp down on your spending and stop using your credit card!
In this section DebtBusters brings you a host of ideas and ways to spend less, reduce costs and bring in a greater income. Although some ways to reduce spending are small and simple they can yield great benefits over time.
It is important not to focus on what you’re giving up, but what spending less will get you in the end. And after giving up a few “essentials” you might even find that you don’t even miss them.
Finding Ways to Spend Less:
Before we address specific areas of your budget here are a few tips:
Although you should always shop at sales, don’t just buy an item because it’s discounted. As with all shopping, always think to yourself: Do I need this? Will I get any use out of it?
If you can’t resist a sale and buy items for the sake of buying, you may have a spending problem. People with spending problems feel good at the time of purchase and then guilty and remorseful later. It is in your best interest and the best interest of your family to seek help. You can speak to a psychologist about this or visit for more information.
For more information on how reduce expenses and bring in a greater income, please see the following pages:
1. Reduce Housing Expenses
2. Reduce General Spending
3. Reduce Insurance Costs
4. Bring in a greater Income

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