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What Debt Collectors Can't Do

When dealing with debt collectors, knowledge is power! Knowing how debt collectors operate, as well as what they can and can't do to collect a debt, should help protect you from their threats. Debt collectors can't:

  • Call before 8am or after 9pm, unless the consumer has given them permission
  • Call on a Sunday
  • Contact consumers at work if they know that the consumers¬† employer doesn't want them to be contacted during work hours
  • Get in touch with your employer about the debt you owe, unless that debt is past-due child maintenance
  • Contact relatives, friends or neighbours to embarrass you into paying your debt. They can however contact them to find out how to get in touch with you but are not permitted to say why they need the information.
  • Communicate with you about your debt by using a post card or an envelope that clearly indicates that a debt collector sent it.
  • Call you over and over again during a relatively short period of time. For example calling you repeatedly during a single morning or afternoon.
  • Swear or insult you when you are having a conversation with them.
  • Order you to accept calls from them.
  • Deposit a post-dated check you have given them before the date on the check.
  • Collect more than you owe on a debt unless the contract the debt collector signed with the creditor states that they can.

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