Latest features on Smartcents!

Smartcents by DebtBusters is making it easier for you to keep track of your debt counselling process.
With the new features on Smartcents, you will now be able to view and keep track of your Payments and Account Balances throughout the debt counselling process.
Get reading on the latest functionality and how it can help you!


  • You can now view your payment history and your upcoming debt counselling payments.
  • By clicking on your payments, you will be able to view how much money each of your creditors received for that specific month.

Account Balances:

  • You can now view your outstanding debt and your total amount paid to date!
  • By clicking on your account, you can view your individual balances with specific accounts and total amounts paid into that account, to date.

View your Credit Score:

  • You can now view your latest credit score and see it improve throughout your debt counselling process.

View your latest Credit Report:

You are entitled to 2 free credit reports for the year.
On your credit report you will be able to

  • View your credit score
  • See if you have any judgements listed
  • See if you have a joint application and your spouse can pull a credit report

Smartcents People-08
Remember to login to Smartcents to familiarise yourself with the improvements!

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